The kids and swimming lessons

Zak and Michaela have been taking swim lessons the last couple of weeks.  They LOVE it!  Neither have been afraid of doing anything asked of them, and in fact, have been so excited about trying new things.  I have been so proud of them.  Here are some videos of Michaela jumping off the big diving board (into the 12 foot end), and Zak jumping into the pool playing Green Speckled Frogs.  Zak has been jumping off the diving board without any floating aids even, but I missed the video today.  I will try again tomorrow.  Also, Zak’s teacher said today that he was the only one in the class that she was recommending to move on to the next level.  She taught them the breast stroke today and he picked it up like he had been doing it all along.  She thought maybe he already knew it.:)  (Just a little Mommy bragging.)



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